Are Web 2.0 sites Electronic Portfolios friendly?

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This Post is for the Weekend Workshop happening at ASIJ on April 26, 2008

We will be exposed to several different websites, each with a unique purpose, all are platform independent, working on both Macs and Windows computers. We’ll look at a school which has Electronic Portfolio system in place. Preview some different services and also look at some neat new organizational tools

Once the preview is completed, each will pick a favorite, explore and try it out. We end the session discussing discoveries or disappointments.

Sharing & Beyond

Twitter is a mirco blogging platform. It’s one of the main tools used in researching this workshop. It’s a great tool for continueing our learning on this topic.  Create an account and following many of the educators listed on my twitter account. My link is this

…and twhirl is a free application for keeping your tweets up to date.

E-Portfolio Example

Shanghai American School uses WordPress MU for student blogs, a few weeks ago students presented their E-portfolios to their parents.


edublogs or WordPress

Video, Collaboration & Graphics

Animoto is a web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos. Each video is a fully customized orchestration of user-selected images and music.

This is the adventure of traveling from YIS to ASIJ, switching between buses & trains and a few pictures from some of the sessions.


Here’s an example of a thread used in a Kindergarten Classroom

and here’s a demo example of how to use it. School’s have free and protected access to all of VoiceThread’s feature sets.


Neat tools but…. why would I use them?


Evernote and my shared notes and some other shared notes from one of our History teachers

GetDropBox is not in beta, we’re limited to watching this informational video.

  1. Hi Brian – saw your comment on Kim’s post about starting out so had to come across and say hi. For someone who has just set set up this blog you’ve done really well with the embedding as it can be tricky. May have to get you to do the embeds in my posts 🙂

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