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Ever since attending Alan November’s conference in Boston, I’ve been struggling with his vision. Are International Schools capable of accomplishing his bold blogging goals?

Last week Andrew Torris’s posted a question asking “Can a school leaders be “real” bloggers??” Could they? I wondered, and I emailed his post to our Senior Leadership Team. Very quickly I heard back, they wanted to know: why and what void does blogging fill? Instead of sweating over an answer, I thought let’s use the power of commenting and posted these questions to Andrew’s blog.

Less then a day later Andrew posted a response “Why is it important for school leaders to blog?” Our SLT had their answers and this time we hooked one. Wow! it worked, he really wanted to do this. Pondering wasn’t an option, we kept it simple emailing two free blogging choices or

Two days ago I receive this email from our Deputy Head Master announcing his blog. I’m puzzled, it’s done? and he didn’t need our help? We’re the IT department, we need a reason to exist. Actually I’m happy for him, there is hope this blogging thing could work.

So in a long winded way this is a good week, a few days ago YIS‘s first administrator posted this “Two Why’s (but not very wise)“. As some already know I’ve tweeted his post and many have commented. Thank you very much, as we all know it’s this commenting cycle that really makes blogging work.

Alan November’s vision speaks of having everyone blogging students, teachers administrator & even parents. It’s a bold vision and I wonder can schools achieve such a goal. Those questions remain unanswered, but at least we are taking our first baby steps.

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  1. Hi Brian,

    I would be interested to know exactly what is Alan’s “bold blogging goals”? Is it for everyone to have a blog? I’ve pondered this myself, as an IT Director do I need a blog? On deciding whether to blog , it helped me to first think who is my audience? The world, my friends and family, colleagues, other tech directors? (apologies for the heap of rhetorical questions going here) And it would seem that if you blog to a target audience, (for a school administrator I’d think that could be students, teachers, parents, other administrators) then there is plenty of justification for blogging.

    I’d think as administrators recruit for jobs, they will be increasingly asked about their online presence. Show us what you believe.


  2. Business Week has an article on Apple’s design process

    “Pony Meeting
    This refers to a story Lopp told earlier in the session, in which he described the process of a senior manager outlining what they wanted from any new application: “I want WYSIWYG… I want it to support major browsers… I want it to reflect the spirit of the company.” Or, as Lopp put it: “I want a pony!” He added: “Who doesn’t? A pony is gorgeous!” The problem, he said, is that these people are describing what they think they want. And even if they’re misguided, they, as the ones signing the checks, really cannot be ignored.”

    No doubt, I’m an idealist, I want equality and information transparency. I reflect, “Are these my Pony projects?”

  3. Hi Brian,

    I feel I know you so well through Twitter and email exchanges, but this is my first time at your blog.

    I agree that the more people in a school community blog the better it will be fore the community, because after all a successful blog is a window into the mind and sometimes heart of the writer. The more we understand about how teachers, parents, students, and most importantly administrators think, the more honest of a community we can build.

    I have known so many administrators who waste time with newsletters and faculty emails, when they can so much more with a well organized blog.

    I liked what Chad said about teachers asking admin about their online presence. I think this is all still pretty new, except for the committed, but in time even more people will enter the world of social networks and blogging is the foundation of it all…or so I think.

    If I had the choice between two schools, I would most likely pick the school with the blogging admin, because that shows a level of interest and dedication to the future, that I think more schools need.

    YIS seems to be ahead of the game!

  4. it’s only taken me a bunch of years to reply but I’d like to report that I’m still trying this blogging thing. It’s not 100% in a written format, it’s like a mix use of different media types, using both Video and Audio. I’ve made this category with the hope that it shows a bit of this learning journey

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