I Hate Wrtitng

I hate writing. Why the hell would I blog? Trust me, I’ve got a syndrome, with the fringe benefits of learning problems. It takes days to write a simple little post. So why blog? It’s freaky! As hard as it is, with blogging I’m enjoying the writing process.

It’s a bit late, but this is supposed to be an introduction. I’m not promising anything but I hope to cover a series of topics. People’s comments are generating incentives for more posts. Both Chad & Jabiz comments, are spurring new thinking about recruiting. I’ll write a piece sharing my opinions on international schools review, Skype, and blogging. In it, I’ll ponder questions around the Recruiting 2.0 concept.

Johnny Lee’s $40 Interactive Board is an impressive demonstration of cheap education technology. We’ll be experimenting with it. Hopefully it works but if it’s doesn’t, you’ll learn about the failures.

We’re also throwing twitter at everything in our school and seeing where it sticks. This will be a long term project, in the mean time our updates will be tweeted.

Still need to do my reflection piece from last week’s workshop, I’ve got plenty of material, just need to compile and post it.

The task will be keeping an up-to-date blog. Over time, I’m sure I’ll learn short cuts, maybe I’ll skip this writing process and move right to podcasting. Soon enough we’ll discover the results. Until then all the best.

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