Lockers to Desks

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This past week I was brain storming, thinking how could we prepare 12th graders to independent and self directed. I’m thinking why do we assign student’s lockers, instead of having their own desk. I’m not thinking like a cube farm. I’m thinking of a space which is like a large studio, each student has their own desk and a bit of space they can personalize. This studio space would be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within the studio there would be a presentation area, mini lounges and wood, metal and paint workshops. To get an idea of what I’m dreaming of, watch this video showing The Barbarian Group new offices.

Once a space is established, then one could build up from this. Treat the environment like a professional space, just like a Hacker Spaces, invite community, have informal lessons on making things, build out people’s learning networks, live stream events and maybe student can develop a company.



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