Nanjing 1st Apple Store is tiny

I visited the new Apple store a few days before the official opening day. No wonder I didn’t catch the building of Apple’s first store in Nanjing. It’s buried into the center of the 1st floor of Wonder City mall. Of the five years of living in this city this is the first time I’ve been to this mall. The store it self reminds me of the mini Apple Stores found in many of the malls spread across the United States. This one I measured by counting out the tiles in front of the store. I’m estimating it’s 34 meters long and about 10 meters deep.

The store officially opens this Saturday September 19th at 10 am. Your truly will not be there 🙁 hence the reason for this quick visit.

  1. The new Apple store looks similar size to the Apple store here in Perth. But perhaps ours is wider. Will be interesting to see how busy it is compared to the store here in Perth and those in USA.

    Ours is always busy especially on weekends. Visited our Apple store a few weeks ago with my friend. Proudly sat and waited patiently while checking my Samsung 🙂

  2. This style of Apple store is quite common in the US. This small style of store is the first I’ve seen in Asia but I only have the ones I’ve visited in Shanghai, Beijing and Japan to compare. Apple has an ambitious target of opening a large number of stores in China and using this small store approach will make that goal achievable. Also I look at the smaller store opening as a soft launch for Nanjing. I’ve learned through the locals that there will be a total of three stores in this city. I’m hoping the bigger store will open up in January 2016.

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