Cutting and unMoulding

4Design Centrecropped_1024

We can cut out meetings when we think about collaboration as a natural part of the designed environment. I explain more in the video.

Let’s have a look at our Design Centre and see how some of the space is used.

Guitars & 3D printer from Brian Lockwood


What get’s cut? – Reid Wilson

Breaking Traditional Moulds – Sam Sherratt

  1. Hey Brian… I like this idea a lot. It reflects the new understanding we have about collaboration as a result of playing with the PYP Exhibition – removing the need for students to be “in a group” and instead just opening up the space and creating the conditions for natural, spontaneous, just in time, diverse collaborations to happen all the time. Collaboration vs. Cooperation, if you like.

    Your plan is wonderful, but an interim step might be to create a space in which teachers do the majority of their work – a “Teacher Studio”. Remove teacher desks from classrooms (already happening) and instead have the coming together in a studio space. IN that context, all of those natural opportunities to talk things through, address issues, brainstorm, plan and generally talk about possibilities for teaching and learning can happen without being scheduled in!

    A Staff Lounge with a difference. Not just somewhere you go to eat and drink, somewhere you go to work, talk and think!

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