Sharing China through Periscope

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I’ve had the most incredible day sharing a bit of China with the world. I discovered last week, that Periscope works in China using a normal 4G connection. Today I was walking through the city and saw something interesting. Normally I’d take a photo and share it later in the day but since Periscope works I turned it on. In a matter of minutes I had 20 visitors interacting with me.

I loved the experience because the audience was from all over the world and I got to share a bit of my life in China. Below is the video I made,  it’s about 30 minutes long. As you know Periscope only keeps these video live for 24 hours. I made the effort to record the action, thanks to the power of Camtasia we can all see the comments and likes.

We get to see:

  • Funny circle transport cars
  • 10:03 See employee doing morning group exercise routines
  • 14:14 Cute Steam buns
  • 16:12 Amazing Cotton Candy
  • 22:55 I get interviewed by journalism students

periscope walk through Nanjing City from Brian Lockwood on Vimeo.

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