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mediacoreI’m sad to see one of the best Video services for schools stopping their service. I’m having a hard time understanding the value proposition has with purchasing Mediacore. The  letter below explain the service will be no more. I asked if we could become a workday customer and that it turns out that is also not an option. I’m trying to see if Office 365 can be an option and that’s not looking good because we can not post public videos. I’m looking at self hosting a Kaltura server but the interface is all in flash and is really complex. It’s not MediaCore’s dead simple interface.

I wish Microsoft had purchased MediaCore and rolled their services into Office 365 Video. I feel that’s a better match then

Dear Brian,

I wanted to email you and personally share

the news that MediaCore has recently been acquired by Workday. The team at Workday shares our vision and enthusiasm for innovation in education and together we will be building exciting new products that transform the way we learn.

We greatly appreciate the support you have shown for us as a company and we will continue to build great

products as part of the Workday team.

However, following the acquisition, Workday

has decided not to continue development of the MediaCore platform.

Unfortunately, this means that I am enclosing a formal notice of non-renewal of MediaCore’s services.

We will continue to support your MediaCore

platform with our current customer support team until August 31st, 2016. During this period, we will do our very best to support your needs, and where appropriate, help you transition to a new video platform or hopefully to becoming a Workday customer.

We understand this may come as a surprise

and that you will have many questions in the weeks and months ahead. Rest assured we are here to answer them. Please refer to

  1. We have but haven’t had much luck finding a vendor which can support the service for us in China.I’m giving it another test and I find it scary how much flash they used for their interface.

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