“Make” History : Shanghai Learning Summit 2016

This is an info link page for the “Make History” workshop for the Shanghai Learning Summit sessions at Concordia International School. For May 14th, 2016.

“Make” History – I’m a Making movement hobbyist and an advocate for this tactile learning style for schools. I’ll share experience with Germany’s Chaos Communication Congress, Tokyo BarCamp, Tokyo Air Fair and Maker Faires. We’ll see some videos showing art/science projects. The Maker movement is defiantly the buzz word in education and I’ll share what seems to works and what doesn’t.

#slearning16 #dtk12chat #makered #designthinking

23rd Chaos Communication Congress 2006

2011 Camp

How do we make this work in school? What are the challenges?

Level5 Shenzhen thelevel5.org

Barcamp Shanghai techyizu.org

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